Popular Chinese cooking techniques – The only guide you should read

Right here we share all types of widespread Chinese language cooking strategies. Every little thing is enjoyable and straightforward. I personally love cooking is as a result of it’s really easy and no mess. I can simply cook dinner a dish with every part elements I want to combine in. I don’t need to observe precisely like how a lot meat I would like so as to add in? Free Thoughts!

Within the trendy society, there are lot of working mum and pop on the market who’ve restricted time to arrange a meal for a household.If you’re considered one of them searching for fast and straightforward methods to make a meal, right here present all of the widespread Chinese language cooking model along with recipes.

A lot of the cooking strategies are handed down from my grandma and my mum. I wished to share this with you as I discover that much less and fewer individuals know find out how to put together conventional Chinese language meals. Additionally it is for me to document down every part as after I wished to eat, I could make it myself and the recipes are saved within the safe place which is right here. Hehe… You could strive it out your self! Have enjoyable!

1. Stir-fry

Stir frying is essentially the most generally used cooking methodology in Chinese language cooking to arrange the meals in a wok.

1. Earlier than begin stir frying, you should warmth up the wok along with the cooking oil, adopted by the spices (garlic) and meats/vegetable is added.

2. Deep-frying

Any meals with deep-frying often loves by everybody. This cooking methodology is favor amongst Chinese language the place the meals is dip into the new oil. It’s carried out utilizing a wok too.

1. Ensure that the oil is heated up earlier than you pour within the meals to get it fried. To know the oil is sizzling sufficient, you could dip the spatula or picket chopstick into the oil and see whether or not there may be any bubble popping across the spatula or picket chopstick. If there are bubbles, it exhibits the oil is prepared for deep frying.

2. Keep in mind that the oil should be sufficient to cowl the meals in an effort to get the meals fried evenly and rapidly by not soaking too lengthy within the oil itself. This is a crucial tip with regards to deep frying.

Cleansing up:
1. This cooking methodology will ultimately produce extra oil after end frying. What to do with the entry oil? Fry one other meals gadgets? The extra you fried, the unhealthier it’s, however the tastier it goes… haha… human nature are irresistible to nice meals.

2.You additionally want to wash up your kitchen because the oil would possibly splashed to the encircling whereas deep frying evaluate to stir-fry.

Fashionable utilization:
Within the trendy days, now we have electrical fryer which known as deep dryer to assist forestall the oil from splashing to the chef.

3. Steaming

Steaming is classes as wholesome Chinese language cooking model and no mass is created. No anxious of oil splashing and never a lot consideration wanted whereas cooking. You may simply depart the meals to steam after a time frame, after which solely you come again and have a look. This cooking is contemplating the best approach of cooking amongst Chinese language.


1. Boiled the water within the wok and trigger it to vaporize into steam to hold the warmth to cook dinner the meals. The water wouldn’t have direct contact with the meals however the steam does have.

2. This system is finished by utilizing steamer.

Meals cooked with this methodology:

Chinese language often used this methodology for varied cooking corresponding to steam crab, fish, items of hen, rice, buns/dim sum. Additionally it is used to reheat leftover meals till the existence of microwave.

4. Braising

Braising is while you braise the elements slowly at low temperature.

1. Earlier than going straight to this cooking methodology, often the meals is stir fry/cook dinner within the wok after which switch right into a pot for braising.

2. This methodology required the meals merchandise to be submerged within the cooking liquid for an extended time frame with lowest temperature. The longer it braise, the tastier it is going to be.

Essential elements:
Soy sauce is a vital ingredient for this cooking model. Additionally, by including some spices will assist to deliver out an awesome aroma to the meals like star anise, fennel seeds or 5-spice powder. However, these spices must be added moderately as to not overwhelm the flavors of the meals.

Meals cooked with this methodology:

This cooking model is often used to cook dinner quite a lot of meat and hard-boiled eggs. You could reheat the meals if you happen to couldn’t end them as it should style even higher after reheating.

5. Boiling

This methodology is used for tea brewing in Chinese language. Off trigger additionally for Chinese language cooking to melt the meals gadgets earlier than it was deliver to stir fry.

1. In the event you plan to make use of wok, refill the water within the wok and warmth up the wok within the range to get the water boiling earlier than pour within the meals gadgets.

2. In the event you plan to make use of pot, refill the water within the pot after which warmth up the pot within the range till the water boiling. After that you could put within the meals gadgets that you simply wished to boil.

3. Water is only a widespread liquid that you simply use to boil; it may be changed with milk or inventory.

Gadgets that may use this cooking strategies:
Not all meals gadgets are in a position to make use of this cooking methodology because it was fairly sizzling. Fish shouldn’t be attainable to cook dinner on this methodology as the feel is simply too tender, however it‘s superb for purple meat, hen and greens. Additionally it is used to cook dinner rice, noodle, potato and soup.

This methodology may be cook dinner in a big scale and easy. Additionally it is safer to cook dinner on this methodology as not a lot consideration wanted in comparison with stir fry or deep fry. No oil will likely be splashed.

This methodology will trigger the lack of soluble nutritional vitamins from meals after boiling it.

You could discover some desserts which used this cooking methodology:

6. Decoction

Decoction is a cooking strategies used when cooking Chinese language herbs. It tooks an extended time frame 2-4 hours of extracting the vitamins right into a simmering liquid.


1. Place the ingredient on prime of the small bowl whereas an even bigger bowl is place on the backside for the liquid to drip on whereas it was extracted from the ingredient.

2. Want to observe the water degree earlier than it totally dried off. Since this cooking methodology required a very long time, so you should verify the water degree sometimes.

Gadgets that may use this cooking strategies:

Chinese language makes use of hen so much whereas extracting the hen essence. This hen essence helps to make an individual extra energetic after consuming it.


Most pregnant womens or after delivering a child, it’s all the time advisable to take this Rooster essence with some Chinese language herbs combine into it to spice up up an individual’s vitality.


The con aspect is after you extract the essence from the ingredient, principally the ingredient already free all of the vitamins. The vitamins are actually switch into the liquid. So, I often throw the ingredient away. Generally, I really feel is a waste!

7. Roasting

Roasting is a well-known cooking methodology in lots of Chinese language eating places which causes the floor of the meals seems to be brown. You could discover roasted hen or roasted pork in lots of well-known Chinese language eating places.

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