Ellectoral College Vote : USHistory

Clinton’s vote share was increased however was concentrated in a a lot smaller space, whereas Trump’s was decrease however extra broad.Why that is mathematically attainable – let’s take this to an excessive. Let’s fake each state had an equivalent inhabitants. With 51 jurisdictions that every one have the identical variety of electoral votes (the 50 states + DC), a candidate would wish to win 26 to win the election.Now, to illustrate an election is run below this method. Blue wins 100% of the vote in 25 of those statewide races, after which 49% within the remaining 26. Nonetheless, Purple wins 51% of the vote in these remaining 26 states. That will be sufficient to win the election as a result of it’d lead to a 26:25 ratio of electoral votes.In fact, in actual life, it is not this easy however Clinton misplaced the election as a result of her supporters, though increased in quantity, had been packed right into a sufficiently small variety of states.

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