How Chefs From Michelin-Starred Restaurants Make Korean Fried Chicken

At Hyodo Hen in Seoul, South Korea, cooks Mingoo Kang and Shin Chango focus all of their expertise working in Michelin-starred kitchens on perfecting a singular dish: Korean fried hen.
The duo focuses on prime quality substances, and distinctive flavors of their crunchy fried hen. Their restaurant options each their crispy saucy dishes, and spicy dry-rubbed items, and the 2 are always imparting the data they gleaned from their high-end restaurant expertise, particularly with regards to a very powerful half: frying the hen. The cooks clarify how frying it solely as soon as will power the moisture to collect inside after which drip out. Letting the hen relaxation and frying it a second time, nevertheless, permits the meat to have an opportunity to absorb the juices inside, and stay additional crispy on the surface. In addition they exhibit one other professional tip: after the primary fry, they poke the joints the place blood clots could also be discovered to launch any blood throughout the second fry.
The 2 are cautious to decide on contemporary, good high quality substances for his or her sauces, seasonings, and glazes. “I feel it’s one of many main elements that makes our hen particular,” says Kang. “The basics of cooking are in utilizing good substances and taking care to arrange it.” This nice care in preparation is demonstrated of their soy sauce-based glaze, which takes a complete day to make, and options Korean spices, grain syrup, shishito and cheongyang peppers, inexperienced onions, garlic, ginger, dried crimson peppers, and grain syrup. For his or her signature dish, fried hen will get coated on this sauce, and topped with stir-fried jiri anchovies and shishito peppers. “It additionally must be scrumptious,” says Kang. “That’s what we really feel is vital.”

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