Hungary Quiz – How much do you know? (Test your knowledge)

What’s the nationwide animal of Hungary?

What number of world heritage websites are there in Hungary?

What’s the capital of Hungary?

How many individuals reside in Hungary? (circa)

What’s Tokaj well-known for?

Which is the best mountain in Hungary?

Which is the biggest lake in Hungary?

What foreign money is utilized in Hungary?

What is that this Hungarian dish referred to as?

Who was the final king of Hungary?

What dish is within the picture beneath?

The place in Hungary is that this huge basilica situated?

Who’s the present prime minister?

What’s Hungary referred to as in Hungarian?

Which metropolis is within the image beneath?

What number of nations does Hungary share a border with?

How do you say hi there in Hungarian?

What’s the title of this metropolis?

What’s the title of the Hungarian nationwide anthem?

How massive is Hungary? (Whole space)

What’s the title of this iconic thermal tub?

What yr was the Kingdom of Hungary based?

When did Hungarians arrive in Europe?

When did Hungary be a part of the European Union?


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