Poland Quiz – How much do you know? (Test your knowledge)

What’s the nationwide animal of Poland?

What number of world heritage websites are there in Poland?

What’s the capital of Poland?

How many individuals reside in Poland? (circa)

Which is the fourth largest metropolis in Poland?

Which is the very best mountain in Poland?

Which is the biggest lake in Poland?

Which is the northernmost level in Poland?

What is that this Polish dish referred to as?

Who was the final king of Poland?

What dish is within the photograph under?

What’s the Polski lektor?

What’s the foreign money of Poland?

What animal is “working” on the Palace of Tradition and Science?

Which of those international locations doesn’t share a border with Poland?

How do you say hi there in Polish?

Which one in every of these is Zapiekanka?

What’s the largest forest in Poland?

How massive is Poland? (Whole space)

When was the Kingdom of Poland first established?

What’s the identify of the citadel within the photograph under?

Which is the nationwide flower of Poland?

When did poland be a part of the European Union?


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