Was the American foreign policy from 1898 to 1920 aimed at making the United States an imperial, colonial nation? : USHistory

I feel that that places a variety of intentionality into what occurred. The US form of fell into colonialism after they found that they may mission energy to guard their hegemonic financial pursuits. However full-on imperialism was not standard.After the Civil Warfare, the American Navy had sunk to the extent of a third fee energy. This made its calls for without spending a dime commerce and non-interference within the Western Hemisphere slightly hole when the Warfare of the Pacific confirmed they had been outclassed by some South American fleets. Beginning within the Eighties, the Navy was revitalized and by the pivotal yr of 1898, it may very well be seen as actually 2nd fee.With such a navy, the US had a projectile it may hurl if its pursuits within the hemisphere and the Far East had been threatened. Spain’s heavy-handed rule in Cuba was the primary to really feel the US’s new-found energy. They had been rapidly ousted and Cuba turned unbiased, although a de facto protectorate. However what to do concerning the different conquests? The US determined that in the event that they had been granted independence instantly, another energy would probably swoop in to take management. Controversially, the US determined to maintain them.It was most controversial within the Philippines, particularly because the inhabitants had their very own concepts. However profitable after a nasty conflict, the US did one thing uncommon. As a substitute of constructing a colony, it determined to set a timetable for independence. This implies that colonialism wasn’t the goal of US coverage. That they had no need to annex areas with none considerable American settler presence. What they desired was hegemony.

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