Popular Chinese cooking techniques – The only guide you should read

Here we share all kinds of common Chinese cooking methods. Everything is fun and easy. I personally love cooking is because it’s so easy and no mess. I can just cook a dish with everything ingredients I wish to mix in. I don’t have to follow exactly like how much meat I need to add in? Free Mind!

In the modern society, there are lot of working mum and dad out there who have limited time to prepare a meal for a family.If you are one of them looking for quick and easy ways to make a meal, here provide all the common Chinese cooking style together with recipes.

Most of the cooking techniques are passed down from my grandma and my mum. I wanted to share this with you as I find that less and less people know how to prepare traditional Chinese food. It is also for me to record down everything as when I wanted to eat, I can make it myself and the recipes are stored in the secure place which is here. Hehe… You may try it out yourself! Have fun!

1. Stir-fry

Stir frying is the most commonly used cooking method in Chinese cooking to prepare the food in a wok.

1. Before start stir frying, you need to heat up the wok together with the cooking oil, followed by the spices (garlic) and meats/vegetable is added.

2. Deep-frying

Any food with deep-frying usually loves by everyone. This cooking method is favor among Chinese where the food is dip into the hot oil. It is done using a wok too.

1. Make sure the oil is heated up before you pour in the food to get it fried. To know the oil is hot enough, you may dip the spatula or wooden chopstick into the oil and see whether there is any bubble popping around the spatula or wooden chopstick. If there are bubbles, it shows the oil is ready for deep frying.

2. Bear in mind that the oil must be enough to cover the food in order to get the food fried evenly and quickly by not soaking too long in the oil itself. This is an important tip when it comes to deep frying.

Cleaning up:
1. This cooking method will eventually produce excess oil after finish frying. What to do with the access oil? Fry another food items? The more you fried, the unhealthier it is, but the tastier it goes… haha… human nature are irresistible to great food.

2.You also need to clean up your kitchen as the oil might splashed to the surrounding while deep frying compare to stir-fry.

Modern usage:
In the modern days, we have electric fryer which is called deep dryer to help prevent the oil from splashing to the chef.

3. Steaming

Steaming is categories as healthy Chinese cooking style and no mass is created. No worried of oil splashing and not much attention needed while cooking. You can just leave the food to steam after a period of time, and then only you come back and take a look. This cooking is considering the easiest way of cooking among Chinese.


1. Boiled the water in the wok and cause it to vaporize into steam to carry the heat to cook the food. The water do not have direct contact with the food but the steam does have.

2. This technique is done by using steamer.

Food cooked with this method:

Chinese usually used this method for various cooking such as steam crab, fish, pieces of chicken, rice, buns/dim sum. It is also used to reheat leftover food until the existence of microwave.

4. Braising

Braising is when you braise the ingredients slowly at low temperature.

1. Before going straight to this cooking method, usually the food is stir fry/cook in the wok and then transfer into a pot for braising.

2. This method required the food item to be submerged in the cooking liquid for a long period of time with lowest temperature. The longer it braise, the tastier it will be.

Important ingredients:
Soy sauce is an essential ingredient for this cooking style. Also, by adding some spices will help to bring out a great aroma to the food like star anise, fennel seeds or 5-spice powder. But, these spices should be added in moderation as not to overwhelm the flavors of the food.

Food cooked with this method:

This cooking style is commonly used to cook a variety of meat and hard-boiled eggs. You may reheat the food if you couldn’t finish them as it will taste even better after reheating.

5. Boiling

This method is used for tea brewing in Chinese. Off cause also for Chinese cooking to soften the food items before it was bring to stir fry.

1. If you plan to use wok, fill up the water in the wok and heat up the wok in the stove to get the water boiling before pour in the food items.

2. If you plan to use pot, fill up the water in the pot and then heat up the pot in the stove until the water boiling. After that you can put in the food items that you wanted to boil.

3. Water is just a common liquid that you use to boil; it can be replaced with milk or stock.

Items that can use this cooking methods:
Not all food items are able to use this cooking method as it was quite hot. Fish is not possible to cook in this method as the texture is too soft, but it‘s fine for red meat, chicken and vegetables. It is also used to cook rice, noodle, potato and soup.

This method can be cook in a large scale and simple. It is also safer to cook in this method as not much attention needed compared to stir fry or deep fry. No oil will be splashed.

This method will cause the loss of soluble vitamins from food after boiling it.

You may find some desserts which used this cooking method:

6. Decoction

Decoction is a cooking methods used when cooking Chinese herbs. It tooks a long period of time 2-4 hours of extracting the nutrients into a simmering liquid.


1. Place the ingredient on top of the small bowl while a bigger bowl is place at the bottom for the liquid to drip on while it was extracted from the ingredient.

2. Need to monitor the water level before it fully dried off. Since this cooking method required a long time, so you need to check the water level from time to time.

Items that can use this cooking methods:

Chinese uses chicken a lot while extracting the chicken essence. This chicken essence helps to make a person more energetic after consuming it.


Most pregnant womens or after delivering a baby, it is always advisable to take this Chicken essence with some Chinese herbs mix into it to boost up a person’s energy.


The con side is after you extract the essence from the ingredient, basically the ingredient already loose all the nutrients. The nutrients are now transfer into the liquid. So, I usually throw the ingredient away. Sometimes, I feel is a waste!

7. Roasting

Roasting is a famous cooking method in many Chinese restaurants which causes the surface of the food looks brown. You may find roasted chicken or roasted pork in many famous Chinese restaurants.

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