Best South Indian Delicacies you may have not heard of

Rice is the staple food in South India. Idlis, vadas, dosas, uttapams, are the rice made products, which is much preferred by South Indians. They are considered good for health and easy to digest. All of these foods are fermented and one of them is steamed. These foods taste good with sambhar and rasam, which is made up of dals. There are different types of vegetables and pachadi that is made of yoghurt, which compliment this famous south Indian food.

These rice dishes are unique and as tasty as Hyderabadi Biryani. Lemon rice, which is made up of lemon is added with fresh coconut and peanuts to taste good. They are further seasoned with tamarind, chilies flakes, fresh curry leaves, fenugreek seeds and dal. All of these add flavor and taste to the food.

Coconut drink is considered one of the other favorites South Indian drink, as they good for health. Coffee being one of the favorite drinks, you can taste the most tasty and relishing coffees here. Madras Coffee House the most famous restaurants of South India that is world famous, as they serve the best filter coffee. Apart from being less in calories, these South Indian foods look attractive because of seasoning, nutrition factors, aroma, and taste.

All of these foods are well served with ghee, which makes them tastier. Apart from dal, Sambhar is all cooked with many seasonal vegetables, which is finely chopped and properly cooked. On the other hand, rasam is considered good for many health factors other than that they are no cooked with any vegetables.
These foods are served in different courses, the first being with sambhar, then rasam, and the last being with curds, buttermilk, or sometimes both. The best part is that these foods are well served on banana leaf. After a hearty meal, it is common practice to chew betel leaves with nuts, for proper digestion of food.

Some of the best delicacies of South Indian Food

1. Rice

There are mainly three types of rice that are used for cooking purposes-

  • Long size white grain rice.
  • Short size grain rice, which is mainly used for preparing sweet and tasty food.
  • Round type grain rice.

Dal or Paruppu is the main ingredients that are used for the preparation of much South Indian food. It tastes good in soups, chutney, sambhar, spicy powder, sweets, and many others.

The Famous meal Courses from South India:

According to the ayurvedic rule, sweet is a must for various health factors. It is also called as appetite builder. Hence, special care is taken to include sweet as the last course of South Indian meal. The mouth watering Mysore Pak, which is made up gram flour is something that you can never miss the taste.

The food is mainly served in three courses, which are as follows –

  • Rice at first is provided with Sambhar, which tastes awesome with liquid ghee. You always get an option of plain and boiled rice, lemon rice, or tamarind rice
  • The 2nd course of meal is rasam, which is made up of tangy tamarind, and spice is added according to flavor.
  • At last rice is provided with curds. All of these foods taste good with aviyal, which is made up of boiled vegetables. Kootu, masal curry, coconut and vegetable sauté are the other preferred side sides.
  • The 4th course of meal is provided with palpayasam, which is made up of sweet milk. It is no way lesser than a dessert and tastes good.

It is a custom to chew betel leaves for properly digesting the food. It also freshens up your mouth. You can find the best culinary schools that teach you with the art of cooking one of the finest foods.

Andhra Food:If you are one of those who prefer spicy and hot cuisine, then Andhra delicacy will certainly impress you. Andhra Mughlai is the world famous dishes from Andhra Pradesh. It is a cuisine that is made up of Kebabs, biryani, salans flavored with is richly cooked with different types of spices, dry fruits, nuts, etc. On the other hand, the food of Telegana that is served good with red and hot chilies, garnished with tamarind, puihoras, and lots of vegetables. They are served with spicy gongura chutney. Telengana is known to serve one of the best non-vegetarian foods, which includes mutton or finely chopped chicken, which is cooked with drumsticks.

Amazing Hyderabad Food – One of the best South Indian meals

Hyderbadi food is well known all over the world for its richness and flavor. The food represents the rich and traditional culture of Nizams, the once upon a time rulers of Hyderabad. The cuisine includes lots of ingredients and spices, which adds flavor to the food. There is no one in the world who will not relish a Hyderabadi food. It has the best collection of sour food, which is well served with sweets, hot and salty food, and many of them are decorated with lots of nuts and fruits. Hyderabadi biryani is well known all over the world. One of the finest quality rice and chicken or meat is used for the preparation of food.

Tamil Nadu

Food in Tamil Nadu tastes distinct, when compared to other culinary of South India. The people here use lots of coconuts, tamarind, asafetida, and others while preparing the delicacies. They mostly prepare coconut oil or gengelly oil for preparing these tasty and mouth watering food. They serve one of the finest veg and non-veg food, which leaves an everlasting in the minds of the people. Dosa, idli, uppama, vada, and many others are good snack foods that are not only good for various health reasons, but tasty as well. Rasam, kozhambu, rice, poriyal, aviyal, and a dessert are some of the main ingredients of South Indian food. Chetinad cuisine is known to be cooked in the best possible manner and taste good.

Chettinad is a place deep in Tamil nadu, and it is considered very spiciest, which is full of oil and is full of aroma. Varuval is one of the most popular dishes of Chettinad menu, which is fired with finely chopped onions and added to lots of spices, before adding them with fish, chicken or vegetables. Poriyal and kuzambu are some of the curies that are made with the help of coconut milk and various other types of spices. To taste better these foods are well served with pickles, papads, and vada.

You can purchase pre-packed, crispy murukkus and other types of mouthwatering chips.Tamil Nadu is also famous for their rich and flavored filter coffee, which is also called as instant coffee. They are made up of one of the finest coffee beans, which have been properly roasted. The method of preparing this coffee is as unique as the taste is. At first water is boiled and then it is poured into decoction along with the coffee powder and is left alone for around about fifteen minutes. You can add milk and sugar, while preparing the coffee.

Keralian Food

If you are looking to taste one of the most rich and tasty food of South India, then Kerala food is one of the best options. All of their non vegetarian foods are spicy and tasty. Pachakam is word used for cooking meal or food.

Sadhyas is one of the traditional Kerala foods. It is mainly provided with rice boiled and is mainly complimented by sweet dessert, which includes payasam. According to the tradition, this dish is well served on banana leaf. Sambhar, aviyal, theeyal, kaalan, thoran, pulisherry, injipully, appam, kappa, and puttu are some of the best preferred dishes. Coconut is one of the ingredients used for the preparation of many dishes. The natives of this place use special culinary technique for cooking different types of foods. Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, red and green peppers, coconut, and other types of spices are something that is used for cooking different food. The people use special spices, which helps in digestion.

Sambhar, rasam, kaalan, olan, pachadi, aviyal, kichadi, thoran, and many others are some of the dishes. All of these taste good with rice. It is exclusively served with payasam and other sweet dessert. These sweet desserts are prepared with coconut milk, sugar, dry fruits, grapes, and milk.

Kerala porotta is well known dish made up of flatbread, which tastes good with veg/non-veg curries.Puttu is one of the most famous breakfasts, which are made up of grated coconut and rice powder. Idli and sambhar, chutney with dosa, idiyappaer and many others are some of the favorite breakfast and snacks. Appam is one of the complimenting food that is commonly eaten with rice, and is mainly available in round shape. There are other types of food that taste well when provided on banana leaf.

A course of meal is complimented with many chutneys and pickles, and crispy pappadum, churuttu and cheeda. Kanji, which is made of steamed rice is considered one of the lightest foods, which is easy to digest. It is served well with fish curry and is considered one of the favorite’s dishes of many Keralites.
Arab Influence:These foods are highly influenced by the Mappilas of Kerala that is highly influenced by Arabian recipe, which begun long ago.

All the products are mainly made up of rice flour. Pathiri is one such dish, which is made up of rice that is correlated to the Arabic word of pastry.
It is mainly served with Harees, which is an Arabic dish that has wheat, meat, salt and chicken to add flavor. Wheat is heated in a soft and tasty. One of the most famous Biryani is Alsa arci that was made popular by families of Thalassery.

Karnataka Food

You can find one of the best and tasty non vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines in Karnataka dishes. The preparations of these foods are highly influenced by all the major South Indian states of the country. It has a flavor of Maharastiran food. Bisbele bath, vangi bath, saaru, akki rotti, kesari bath, davangere, ragi mideed, benne dosa, and many others are some of the most preferred dishes of Karnataka. Some of the famous snacks are masala dosa, rave and plain idli and pancake are some of the famous breakfasts. There would be no one who wouldn’t have heard about Mysore masala dosa, which is famous for its crispy taste and size.

Coorg is one of those places where you can find the best pork curries and you can also find some of the best sea foods as well. Mysore pak, pheni chiroti, dharwad pedha, and many others are some of the most preferred sweet dishes. South Indian food is well known for spicy, healthy, and nutritious cuisines. Sambhar rice, rasam rice, dry curries, which is made up of vegetables and several meat dishes are some of the most preferred dishes.

All of these foods are well complimented by papaddum, which is mainly made up of rice. You can always find the best coconut chutney that best compliments all types of south Indian food. Grated coconut and coconut milk is mainly used in the preparation of many dishes. There is no south Indian who doesn’t love filter coffee. You can find large varieties of flaved coffee that goes well with all the seasons.

There are wide varieties of sweet dishes that will impress you.Sunflower, Gingelly and canola oil are used while preparing the dishes mainly in South India. For a better flavor ghee is added to the food. As we know coconut is mainly used while preparing different types of dishes in Kerala.

Spices and Ingredients

Curry leaves, peppercorns and asafetida pepper, tamarind, red and green chilies, fenugreek seeds are some of the spices that adds flavor to your food.Popular Dishes: Idli, different types of dosas, sambhar, uttapaa, rasams, and payasams are some of the most preferred dishes.

Indian Filter Coffee

Madras filter coffee is the most famous South Indian coffees, which are made up of processed coffee beans, milk, and sugar. It has 70 percent of coffee beans and 30 percent of chicory. Peaberry, Arabica, and others are some of the most preferred types of coffee. These beans are mainly grown in the hills of Malabar and Robusta that is located in the hills of Kerala and Karnataka.

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